2060 Style

2061 Deep/Tall Sofa
Size (LDH): 93 x 39 x 43

A classic roll arm and clean lines make this series fit any style of home décor. This extra deep, extra tall frame with an over-stuffed attached back provides comfort and relaxation. This collection features many seating options including a sleeper option and customizable sectional. At 4″ taller and 3″ deeper than our regular sofa size, this style is perfect for people that are looking for a larger seating area. *Requires a 36″ door frame and 6+feet of a straight path for proper clearance.

See 2001 Sofa for regular height/depth version of this frame.

Available pieces: (Length x Depth x Height)

2061 Sofa 93x41x43
2062 Love 67x41x43
2063 Chair 43x41x43
2066 Queen Sleeper 93x41x43
2067 Sofa Lounger 93x65x43
2086 Queen Sleeper 6″ 93x41x43
2062R Rt Arm Loveseat 59x41x43
2062L Lt Arm Loveseat 59x41x43
2065 Corner 41x41x43
2068R Rt Arm Loveseat w/ Lounger * 59x65x43
2068L Lt Arm Loveseat w/ Lounger * 59x65x43
2069 Armless Chair 24x41x43

*Comes with floating ottoman

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