2000 Sectional


A classic roll arm and clean lines make this series fit any style of home décor. An over-stuffed attached back provides comfort and relaxation. This collection features many seating options including sleepers and a fully customizable sectional.

Available pieces: (Length x Depth x Height)

2001L Lt Arm Corner Sofa     94x36x39
2001R Rt Arm Corner Sofa     94x36x39
2017R Rt Arm Chair Lounger     35x62x39
2017L Lt Arm Chair Lounger     35x62x39
2022 Armless Loveseat     65x36x39
2012L Lt Arm Loveseat     59x36x39
2012R Rt Arm Loveseat     59x36x39
2013R Rt Arm Chair     35x36x39
2013L Lt Arm Chair     35x36x39
2033 Armless Chair     24x36x39
2005 Corner     36x36x39
2029R Rt Arm Sofa w/ Lounger *     83x62x39
2029L Lt Arm Sofa w/ Lounger *     83x62x39
2011R Rt Arm Sofa     83x36x39
2011L Lt Arm Sofa     83x36x39
2049R Rt Corner Love Lounger     82x36x39
2049L Lt Corner Love Lounger     82x36x39
2018 Pie Ottoman     56x40x17

*Comes with floating ottoman

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